My bf accuses me of things and makes me anxious

Thanks for all the replies, i'm planing on leaving for the sake of my mental health. There were good times, but the bad ones were not bad, were terrible. I guess what kept me going was that he could be very attentitive if i was sick etc, he was there "are you hungry?" "You need something?" "I cook for you, i bring it to you" but also many times i was left alone, felt invisible even been beside him, felt like i couldn't express myself, felt like i was unstable or crazy, felt like i was not enough because i didn't dress like the way he liked or i didn't have the status of a good career. Felt bad because he said i was not having my own appartment even tho he still lives with his mother..... Felt like he could say whatever bs to me but if i'd say something he would make me feel like i complain too much.

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