My BF is having more and more ED. Is there hope for diminishing sex life or is it time to give up on my relationship?

That was GREAT advice. I hope you will read my other replies to other posters.... I don't want to take up half your life, but I hope you will see my responses to their responses, because it's important to me that it's clear that I'm not being a selfish bitch here nor am I just pulling stuff out of my ass. I legitimately do not know what to say when this happens, and I really do NOT want him to feel worse. These other commenters are kind of misunderstanding this. I'm not bitching about him for fun. I want to help him work through it if possible, or... if not.... to face facts that he deserves someone who can get him off.

Rim job! That's a great idea!! You know what? He has never had one!! LOL - I will have to catch him straight out of the shower! That only came up recently because I was laughing that I'd read (on reddit? maybe somethingawful) that someone said it tastes like licking a 9V battery. HAHA! I was laughing to him and said, "I could not agree more. That's the best way to describe it!" And he was actually blushing, grinning, surprised, and seemed a teeny bit impressed that I had done that - and he made a joke about my ex-husband's asshole. I was like, "well, don't you think that's dead on?" And he admitted he'd never done one or received one. I'm not obsessed with the region, but I think you maybe just came up with the best idea for hitting the reset button on "boring." :)

So maybe I can manage to swing that. I haven't done it because well, look, that's not a thing I would just do unless requested... but maybe I can just be like, "you wanted new. This is what I came up with." For someone who's been pretty slutty in his life (not an insult at all btw) he's pretty vanilla. And that's what's great. We have had pretty much exactly the same level of "dirty" - or at least, I thought so until very recently when he said he was bored of our routine. :(

I have actually already thought (several times thought this, actually) of surprising him with a nice "hey this is all for you" BJ (and mine usually include at least some degree of ball sucking as a standard, btw - I'm telling you people, I'm good to this man!) ...........but he really has been working like a madman for several days and I really couldn't interrupt him, especially not with the chance that something could go wrong. Maybe for Christmas, though. He's been working in the next room from me all this time, and not going in there and jumping his bones has been tough! :):) He is finally sleeping here next to me, so maybe there will be a good Christmas morning. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. SEE? I NEVER WOULDA THOUGHT OF THAT.

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