My bf won 1k off a scratch off ticket today!

Take this advice, op. At work we sell tickets and the amount spent on lottery tickets significantly outweighs the winnings. I see this all the time. I would only spend the money you’re willing to never see again. My worst story was from a few years ago. A low-income family bought a lottery ticket and won $10,000. They bought every woman in the extended family a designer purse, everyone got their nails done, they gave every child (cousins, etc) in the family $100 and they went out for lavish meals. Seven days later my employee said they came back and stated they were where they originally started. Op, If your son Is old enough to remember and enjoy the aquarium, I’d go, especially if you can find a discount or special deal to save even more money. I’d definitely pay off the credit card because whatever you spend, you’ll lose in credit card interest. I’d save the remainder after paying off the credit card debt.

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