My biggest pet peeve at work...

I get super pissed when I can't make a stop because there is nobody in the store available as a witness... all the ASMs end up on registers and our people greeters get sent out zoning... all i can do is call the PD that wont respond for 45 minutes and just watch them walk out the door.

One Sunday a few weeks back it was so bad we had like 8 adults in the store... 1 CSM, 2 ASMs, 2 Cashiers, 1 electronics associate, 1 cart pusher (who happened to be on lunch when I needed her, which is fine and i will not hold against her) and me. One ASM was on register, one ASM was unloading the truck, and the CSM refuses to be a witness. Everyone else in the store at the time was a minor. It was a gigantic dumpster fire.

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