My boardgame groups are being ruined by a sith lord

I'm not 100% sure, I'm no psychologist but he does always have this very mean demeanor. He always makes these "jokes" that I thought were funny at first but I think maybe they have become something more. An example would be: Me: "You want a coke?" Dan: "Shut up!". He also does most of the texting and I know he has possibly up to 10 different group chats excluding certain people in each one. I'm in 4 of them. It doesn't help that my group is the most passive group of people I've ever known. We often can't even pick a game when he's not there to tell us what to play. Besides that, I think people just remember the few times that someone beat him and he's joking demeanor went away and the group mood became very awkward and cringey so I think people just don't wanna make him mad.

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