My boyfriend (23) has a son he doesn't see

No, you're misunderstanding. I'm not blaming him for uprooting his life, it was his choice to leave his son when he did. The mother just recently got custody back from his parents. It just upsets me that within the whole time I've known him he's bragged about how great of a father he is when he's had the absolute bare minimum contact with his son. Only now that I'm in a position where I could also potentially be having his baby, it forces me to be honest with myself. If I ask why he doesn't move to be closer to be with him, he says things like, "he's a handfull". Of course he is, he's five without a father figure? It just doesn't sit right with me that he was able to travel the whole U.S. freely for the last three years and not willing to go see his child.

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