My boyfriend cheated on me for 3 years, can't afford STD tests because I quit my job for him

Today, well yesterday actually, I learned that my boyfriend of over 3 years has been cheating on me since January 2012. I know what you're thinking, "you should have left him sooner!", "why didn't you see the signs!", "you must be an idiot!". Even if you're not thinking that, I definitely am. I must admit, I loved him very much and was entirely blinded by anything wrong he must have been doing.

Earlier this year he encouraged me to quit my job and go with him to Europe for several months on his dime. We've been together for so long and shared our finances so this didn't seem like something I would say no. It was a wonderful opportunity for a late 20-something year old to do with their "future husband". I figured I would find another job when I return to the states, but unexpectedly had to return to the US sooner since a family member passed while traveling. I haven't been able to secure a new job, but didn't feel the pressure to do so until now because I stupidly gave up my career for my relationship.

The day before Thanksgiving of this year he decides he's not interested in "answering to one person" anymore. He didn't want to come to my family thanksgiving and wasn't ready for where our future was headed. I couldn't force him to stay with me, so I let him go and thanked him for his honesty. I thought to myself, he must really care about me if he wants me to be happy without him holding me back.

WRONG. Today, I learned that not only was he regularly cheating on me at what seems any opportunity, all our mutual friends knew.

Today I went to my doctor to get tested. Out of the goodness of his heart as I've been a patient for years, he didn't charge me for the visit. However, the tests themselves are costing me almost $1k, with the blood work alone totally $690.

Everyone makes mistakes in their life and he by far has to be my biggest. I may not yet be over him, but I for sure do not want any possible STDs he's given me. I created a gofundme for this to help with payments and possibly because writing it out into the abyss of the internet is somewhat therapeutic.

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