My boyfriend feels ashamed to be with me in public what should I do ?

sounds like some degree of internalised homophobia. my boyfriend look a long while to feel comfortable with showing affection in public despite being a naturally affectionate person, always hugging friends and family. i became aware of him withdrawing from me in public and i asked him about it and he said he felt ashamed. i wouldn’t read into your man saying he felt ashamed holding your hand and then correcting to any man because you just happen to be the man he’s holding hands with. i know it’s feels unnatural and awkward when he doesn’t show affection and you have to regulate your own urge to hold his hand or hold him in public but from my experience it’s just a mindset some gay men have. maybe talk about it and ask why he feels like that cause the more u understand where he’s coming from, the more comfortable you’ll be with him withdrawing his affection. so many gay man have some degree of internalised homophobia, i think the best thing to do is be forgiving and not to interrupt it as him having a problem/being ashamed of you.

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