My boyfriend is married with kids what are common guidelines

I can date other guys but for the sake of preventing STD’s he prefers me not to sleep with other people

This is bogus. You don't stop having sex with other people to prevent STDs - you use condoms with other people to prevent STDs. What he is telling you is that he wants a one penis policy (OPP) in this relationship - he wants you to be monogamous to him. This raises many questions: Is he monogamous to you? Is he still having sex with his wife? Does she have other partners? If she has, does she use condoms with him/ them?

Is he open to dating other girls besides you? Have you asked him about that? Because a lot of girls in your situation are completely blindsided when their partner starts dating other girls or gets FWBs. Does he have FWBs already? Have you asked him? Because he wants you to be monogamous to him but you are not even allowed to know where he lives with his family .. So how much do you really know about his poly life?

When someone asks you to be monogamous to him, this should be a reciprocal agreement. Is this guy able or willing to give you what you need in a monogamous relationship time-wise and relationship-wise? How much of his time do you get in a month? Can you move in together? Can you build a life together? All these questions are necessary to ask before you know if you are unfairly treated and his OPP is a double standard.

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