My boyfriend recently killed my dog on purpose. We broke up. He is threatening me to not press charges.

Them being alone depends on their level of maturity, neighborhood, other variables. If the kids were there and could have let the dog in the whole time, I’m sure he didn’t want the dog to die and figured they’d let him in. There is more to this story and depends on a few other variables but it sounds like this man took the woman, her kids, and dog in and whatever happened that night, idk, and it isn’t really explained well here.

It’s not like he left them all out on the cold and deserted them. There is more to the story that OP isn’t sharing but leaving a husky out in the cold for however long isn’t his responsibility.

An ultimatum is not a threat, it’s an ultimatum and unfavorable to the woman but he shouldn’t even have to let that be known. If you think you can press charges on a man that took you and your family in and something like this happens,... idk, we don’t know the whole story. It sounds like he’s doing the right thing and op is being a parasite. Dog dying is sad but not sure if it’s Angelo’s fault. If she wants to hold him accountable? She should already be searching for another place.

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