My boyfriend has stolen thousands of dollars from my family, broken my wrist, kicked my dog, threatened my child, cheated on me 32 times, and poisoned my grandma. Do you think I should break up with him, Reddit? Advice needed. [Serious only pls] [Safe Space]

Let me start off by fortunately saying I have never seen domestic abuse with my own eyes. I grew up with awesome parents, and an awesome dad who taught me how to treat a woman right.

Last night at work (retail store) I was walking around the store and noticed a couple, young, about in their mid twenties, was alone in the corner of the store and seemed to be arguing of some sort. I approached them and asked if they needed any help and the girl turned away like she was hiding her tears.

The guy just said "no we're good, right honey?" And she just nodded with the back of her head facing me.

I walked away but kept close cause something didn't feel right. They eventually walked out of the store and I watched them just to make sure something wasn't gonna happen, but sadly I saw something I've never seen before.

He grabbed her arm and yanked her towards him and started yelling and talking down to her. I got the asset protection employee to go ahead and call the police. I went out there and approached him.

Me: "sir, do you mind me asking just what the hell you're doing?"

Him: "not you again, go the fuck away."

I ignored him for the rest of the time.

Me: "ma'am are you okay?"

Obviously crying she didn't respond. Then the unexpected happened.

The dude grabbed her hair right in front of me and tried to pull her into the car just yelling "get in the fucking car, we're leaving."

She was screaming and I kept trying to reason with him, obviously there was no way to reason with this dickhead. So I blocked his car door and stood there not moving.

Then he slapped me. A slap? I knew this dickhead was a little weakling on the inside just trying to prove he's some kind of alpha male by taking it out on his girlfriend.

I didn't retaliate, was difficult, but I didn't hit him back. He pushed me out of the way and let go of the girl, got in his car and sped off. I consoled the girl who was just going ballistic. I brought her inside the store and calmed her down a bit. The police showed up and got their reports, looked at our cameras and identified him. The girl obviously had bruises, cuts, and scrapes on her like this has been going on for a while. She thanked me immensely afterwards and gave me a hug.

It was a very heartwarming and alarming experience to say the least. Men are clouded by this because we I don't see it or experience it NEARLY as much as women do In my experience, I have never witnessed something like this, and it may sound dick-ish of me but I'm glad I experienced this and it had really opened my eyes to a situation I have never seen.

Just wanted to share the experience from a guys perspective witnessing it.

Edit 1: wow my first gold! Thanks a ton kind internet stranger!

Edit 2: so I see some negative responses out there, let me clarify. First, abuse can happen to both men and women, I agree. Second, I shouldn't generalize all men don't experience this either, just stating from my own experience. Third, I'm just sharing my story, if you're trying to pick arguments, this isn't the place to do so.

Edit 3: you all should see my inbox right now. I have internet toughboys calling me faggot and telling me they wish the guy I stopped had shot me in the head cause I was nosey. Also calling me a white knight and saying my story is fake. You guys make me laugh.

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