My boyfriends opinion on abortion has taken a turn since we found out I was pregnant yesterday..

So your boyfriend is, for all intents, holding your relationship hostage, using emotional blackmail, to get his own way, and force you to obey him, and have a baby you don't want?


Getting an abortion is your right. You don't need to, but you have given absolutely valid reasons why it's what you want/need to do. Your friend may have regretted hers, but you are not her.

I am of course, pro choice, but I always figured if I got pregnant I'd probably keep it. Not because of any religious anything or what ever, it would just be my choice.

Then at uni, even though I'd been safe and had no issues, I did have a pregnancy scare. Literally, literally the second I realised I had a late period there was no hesitation, a clear calm voice in my head said 'I can't keep it' and that was that. I got my period a few days later and that was that, but it totally reframed my thinking and now i know what I'd do if it was for real.

If your first instinct was end it, end it.

What ever you decide, don't forget that your boyfriend decided your body was his property and threatened your relationship to get his way.

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