My bullshit detector is off, can someone assist?

The argument was pretty small and stupid, mostly it was just annoying. I shared a photo of a bird playing around being a bird, classic nature photography and he came up with this big political interpretation, I said nah it’s just a bird playing and then he got into a “what art is” and how his experience of the bird is valid and others interpretations of my shots are correct and true even if it’s not my intent as the photog etc. Like I said it was stupid but then I said I was annoyed and tried to leave convo to return to my work and then he hit me with the: “because I have a different opinion than you? That’s a little sad, Jane”

The thing that pissed me off was the “that’s a little sad”, I didn’t even have time to correct him on what really annoyed me and he just stepped on me feeling annoyed at all

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