My childhood

My dads apologizes to me two times that I can remember.

  1. When me and my friend operated the scoreboard for a hockey game he coached. It was faulty and he refused to believe us and instead kept screaming at us calling us “fucking idiots” we were like 12. This continued until we stormed off and he tested it himself.

  2. I left a closet door open one night, he screamed at me for 10 mins about it. Calling me worthless, etc etc. Then he proceeded to find other extremely minor things to yell at me about for a while and started disowning me. It’s too much to explain, but basically I got so mad I screamed at my max intensity and told him “if another word comes out of your mouth I’ll bash your fucking face in and you’ll never see me again”. He immediately stopped and he actually cried a bit when he apologized. I feel bad thinking back but he basically harassed me to my breaking point after I had tried to defuse the argument countless times.

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