She is my chunky little backseat gamer.

My cat is not unhealthy. I used the word "chunky" because she is fluffy and not super thin looking. She's cute. My cat is laying with her body all squished and flat out, and has a saggy lower stomach from having kittens before I adopted her (she's fixed now). The angle I took this photo at is low and close. My cat is slightly chubby, as in "house-cat-weight" chub. The vet said she is fine. We feed her well and play with her. For the last time, my cat is not abused, or obese for "cuteness", and is certainly well loved. This angle of her is not a good one to judge her weight by, and you should not be so concerned with my cat because I am her owner, and I am the one who pays her vet bills and makes sure she is safe and well.

If you are trolling me, whatever, just enjoy this picture of my cat being cute because the whole purpose of this photo was to bring a little joy into someone's day, not to start some sort of unwarranted cat abuse party. Go comment on a cat that actually needs it.

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