My coffee break at San Francisco MOMA yesterday turned into accidental art

I don't agree with everything the guy said obviously but I think I understand where he's coming from. I felt the same way after years of fighting the medical system, legal system, being left to die on the streets, having experienced homelessness, jail, and real hunger.

I stole. When I was a kid I stole food or I didn't eat. I'd always go into the biggest franchise or grocery store and didn't feel too guilty about it.

I know people who have done worse things (much worse) but after hearing their story I understood why and how they reached that point. When you're homeless you realise very quickly that people don't give a fuck about you. Right, left, white, black, working class or rich people look down on you if they even look at all.

You will naturally hate law enforcement.

Get screwed enough you realise the whole system only cares about profit, playing by the rules might mean a bed at the homeless shelter but no way out or social mobility. A system run by crooks telling you to be a good boy and die miserable gets old fast. It definitely makes one want to opt out of the entire system. Problem is there's no way out especially if you're a city slicker.

And unfortunately we do share a community so if you give in and start stealing from rich tourists or whatever, you're part of the problem now too. Like I said I get how people reach that point, but man I also know a lot of people who resorted to robbery and stick ups. All of them are worse off than they were before. There's no bottom.

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