My colleagues and I work a minimum of 45 hours a week for a French company’s Indian office. I feel like we’re subsidizing for their 35 hours/week French employees

There is some generalization here that's not very appropriate and a perfume...

I can tell you that a lot of French employees are working more than those 35h/week (depending on their position and/or if they want to earn more). Don't see French people as idle loafers while you are doing all the hard work !

You are not employed by this French company to compensate the hours "not worked" by their French employees but because your salary is so competitive for these entry-level jobs that communication and time difference issues can be accepted (and are maybe also some of the reasons you're working more). FYI, the minimum wage in France ~$20500/year.

Don't you have breaks (lunch) ?! If you feel (are) indeed exploited then you and your colleagues should take appropriate actions to improve your working conditions.

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