To my current English teacher

Hey there, fellow Taiwanese, I randomly stumbled upon your comments in a Taiwan related post that led me here. First of all I was surprised at how fluent you are as an 11th grader and secondly, man up and send this letter to her! Guess what, I’m also a high school English teacher and it can be the world’s toughest job sometimes. It’s nothing like being someone’s private tutor - trust me I’ve done both. It’s so much more than making everyone pass their exams. I assume you understand. Your teacher is not only limited to what the school wants her to teach you with, but also the language fluency of the rest of your classmates and the lack of time to teach more- as much as we want to cater to your needs. The goal of high school English is to make sure most students reach a certain goal the education bureau decided best fit for high school students. So to make sure everyone gets their fair share, the difficulty gets toned down a bit, but I’m sure you understand that. She turns a blind eye on you for whatever bullshit you do in class because you’re already way pass senior high school level and she can’t do a master class on even more advanced English just for you - I guess you know that too. This letter would’ve mean so much to her if you ever send it. I worry myself a little bit too much from time to time that I don’t meet every student’s needs. Classes are huge and full of kids- some who never catches up, some striving to catch up, some not listening to the classes because they’re fluent like you. At the end of the day you’re probably still her favorite student because you never fail her expectations when it comes to test results lol. There is something you could do about her English classes though. I’ve noticed your supreme skills in novel writing, why not go to her and ask her to take a look of your novels? She is, after all, the only person in school that will probably ever understand your talent. This way she probably might grant you privileges to write English novels in her classes as a way to ahem practice English writing. You seem like a great kid with genuine feelings to be able to feel sorry for such a thing, and I guarantee you’ll stop her from slowly dying inside if you do so lol. Best wishes to you and your first day of school tomorrow (I’m now dying inside)

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