My dad is going through a nightmarish divorce with my mom. I texted him saying I loved him and this was his response.

Unfortunately they don't care about what we believe.

Let me quote you something:

Everyone can inherit something by will or inheritance. Unfortunately, it is possible that you do not receive the assets, but the debts of the deceased. It is tragic that the heir is liable for exactly these debts with his entire private assets.

In the worst case, the heir does not learn in time that debts have been left to him. In the case of legal succession, no official notification of an inheritance is sent. Only if there is a testamentary disposition or one succeeds in the succession will one be notified.

If an heir is appointed, the heir receives the entire assets, but also all liabilities of the testator.

Conversely, this also means that the heir receives nothing at all if he rejects the inheritance. It is not possible to just reject the debt and keep the assets. If the inheritance is rejected, it falls to the next in the succession.

A period of six weeks begins from the time the deceased is taken note of, during which the heir can check the financial situation of the deceased. Within this period he must decide whether he wants to refuse the inheritance or take it over.

The fee for the dismissal at the probate court is a lump sum of 30 euros.

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