My dad just told me, "If you keep posting sad things all over the internet the police will come again, and this time they'll take you away."

Your dad sounds supportive talk to him about getting your license. Have you tried talking to your high school guidance counselor about getting a job and also they would be a good resource to help you get started with applying to colleges and getting loans to pay for dorms and college. Please do this. Try to find an in state school that is a few hundred miles away from this toxic mess (the only reason I say in state instead of out of state is that it tends to be a lot cheaper). Keep in mind no matter what at 18 you are free to do what you want. Finish highschool. Find a safe place where you can escape too even if its just walking around the neighborhood for a few hours each evening. I say this with alot of caution, one way you could deal with your brother in an attempt to end the bulling for good is to scare him. Eye contact can be a powerful thing. People always perceived me as weak in school but I figured out if I looked deep into one of these assholes eyes and ripped into them with my words it was possible for me to scare the living shit out of them. Had one of them so scared that when walking to and from school if he saw me coming towards him he would cross the street to avoid me. You have lived with him for 13 years you know some of his secrets. Or if he does not have any good ones tell him you will make some up and tell his friends. (ie.. my guess is he either used to or currently does pee the bed, normally nothing to be ashamed of but sense he is an asshole go ahead and confirm his secret fear that he should be ashamed of this and that you plan to tell all of the friends that he brings home about this secret shame.) Another thought, you live with him so wait until its real late at night and you know he is asleep go into his room lay on top of him and put your hands over his mouth and neck and shake him awake look him deep in the eyes with crazy eyes and squeeze his neck just a bit and tell him leave me alone or else. The goal is to NOT have to do anything real violent but just to put the fear of god into him. If you don't think you can pull it off don't do it. If you do this be sure to do it before you are 18 and legally an adult.

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