My dad has me work for him, but keeps lowering my pay.

I’m not sure how to count it since I always spend like half of my Saturday waiting for him to call me to pick him up, but the actual work part wasn’t much. I’m not sure how long it would have been if I had been doing everything that he wanted me to do (he wanted me to learn it in steps, and he hasn’t bought a filing cabinet yet, so no filling). The $100 was a good deal for the work, it’s just that he told me before he even started the business that he’d pay me $100. If he would have said $50 from the beginning, I’d probably be okay with it, it’s just that he really likes to make decisions without me and then expect me to blindly follow his word. And apparently when I try to have a conversation about it he goes off the deep end. Tbh I wouldn’t be surprised if he came back to me at some point mad at me for not doing the work, forgetting that he fired me.

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