Is my “Daddy” too good to be true?

When I met him, I wasn’t asking for a sugar daddy. I was asking for a ddlg based daddy to see how much more success I would get. So far he’s been a lot kinder and generous than any sugar daddy I’ve met up with. He’s not giving me an allowance but instead, a (pretty much) unlimited amount of money to buy things when on shopping trips, he gets me gifts on every date, and overall he’s providing me with a friend, someone who understands my worth and doesn’t just want me for my body. He is not just providing food and transportation lol. He offered to take me on trips around the world once we know we’re comfortable with each other for more than just sex and conversation. I’m not looking for a guy to only want me for sex and nothing else but a guy who’ll care for me as much as I care for him, emotionally and financially.

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