My date answered my cell phone when I went to the bathroom, am I right to feel violated?

I have answered co-workers ringing cell phones before when I know the coworker was waiting on that specific call and it was important to them, but they happened to be away from their desk when the call came through. I feel awkward and intrusive doing it, even though I figure they'd most likely be grateful...

I've answered my boyfriend's phone before when I've known it was time-sensitive and he wouldn't be back to take the call for a bit.

In both situations, I answer in a manner that the caller knows immediately I'm not the owner of the phone, and that the owner needs a few moments before they can take the call... But please hold on for them.

But normally, otherwise, I don't touch the phone, I just tell the person as soon as they're back that their phone rang/beeped.

I wouldn't dare answer someone's phone who I barely know unless instructed to do so. And I would feel uncomfortable with someone I barely know touching my phone or answering it in my absence.

However, it seems as though the date had no malicious intent. It doesn't appear as though he was snooping and came up with an excuse when caught. He seems to genuinely believe it is a courtesy to do what he did. Or maybe he's a good actor and merely pretending to be innocent in his intentions.

I wasn't there, but the situation as described wouldn't be a deal breaker for me. But it would make me be more cautious and mindful around this person.

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