My daughter Ava who has Congenital Myotonic Dystrophy. We were told she wouldn’t live past her 1st birthday. She is now seven. We were told a couple years later she would never walk. This is her in the front yard a few days ago!!!

God did nothing. And if a God did this he's a disgusting prick, can you seriously look a child in the eyes that has a condition like that and say that it's what your loving God wants and that it's all part of his plan? because if you can you're pretty heartless. And the doctors are not idiots they are just going off of information they have, information and statistics that she is the exception for. Like how I have myelomeningocele and statistically I shouldn't be able to walk and do a load of other things, but I can and not because of some god, because my farther spent ages trying to teach and help me as a child as well as being lucky enough to not have damage high enough on the spine. When my parents where having me they where told about all these possible things that could happen because of my disability, just like how they where told the possible things that could effect her like her lifespan being shorter and her not being able to walk due to the condition. Those doctors are not ignorant, wrong or insensitive for telling parents of children what could happen due to the condition and how the condition is, they are quite the opposite really. And that wonderful little girl did that by herself.

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