My Daughter was hurt by a classmate

My son has some trouble with a bully in first grade. After a couple of incidences of talking with the teacher and visiting the office, it hadn’t stopped and he didn’t want to go back to school. Previously, I had told him to get the teacher if the bully was mean or hitting him. But, I changed up and told him that if the kid hits him again, to hit him back as hard as he can.

So, I took him to school and walked him to his classroom just before the beginning of class. I walked in, greeted the teacher and announced (loud enough for the whole class to hear) that if there was any more trouble I wanted to be informed immediately and I would come to the school immediately. Then I hugged my kid and told him to have a great day and remember what I told him about bullies. Never had another problem.

I don’t know for sure whether that kid heard me and decided to leave my kid alone, or if the teacher became more vigilant. I don’t really care. My kids will always know I have their back.

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