My daughter took her own life, we donated her body, her death made life possible, for 3 others.

Sorry for your loss.

The late philosopher Alan Watts has a talk, available on youtube, where he discusses perspective.

Now, we come here, right at the start, to an extremely important principle. Which is, the different points of views you get when you change your level of magnification. Which is to say you can look at it with your eye and see it a certain way, you can look at it with a microscope and see it a certain way, and you can look at it with a telescsope and see it another way. Now, which level of magnifcation is the correct one? Well, obviously, they're all correct, but they're just different points of view.

You can, for example, look at a newspaper photograph under a magnifying glass, and where with the naked eye you will see a human face, with a magnifying glass, you will just see a profusion of dots, rather meaninglessly scattered. But as you stand away from that connection of dots, which all seem to be separate and away from each other, and you see that these individual dots add up to some sense.

Now, you'll see it once from this illustration, that maybe you, when you take a myopic view of yourself as most of us do, that you may add up to some kind of sense that is not apparent to you in your ordinary consciousness.

When we examine our blood streams with a microscope, we see that there is a hell of a fight going on. All sorts of microorganisms are chewing each other up, and if we got overly fascinated with our view of our own blood stream, we should start taking side- which would be fatal! Because the health of our organisms depends on the continuance of this battle. What is in other words conflict at one level of magnification, is harmony at a higher level.

Now, could it be therefore, that we, with all our problems: conflicts, neurosis, sicknesses, political outrages, wars, tortures, and everything that goes on in human life, is a state of conflict, that at a large perspective is a situation of harmony.

This idea always struck a chord with me, the sort of idea that places all our lives like notes in a symphony. Your daughter's life was an absolutely necessary note, and her death an equally important silence- through which many other notes sprouted.

This idea may be offensive to you, but I mean it in the best way.

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