My decision.

Hate posts where people are seeking sympathy and reassurance for their poor decisions—this post is not that. Bravo. Just a little story that'll maybe help you out. Start small. Incremental gains will amount to monumental progress.

My roommate in college used to let me borrow his hats—as I did not have any and was too lazy to buy any. I used to wake up 10 minutes before class and throw on a hat to cover my bedhead. I ended up losing like 5-10 of his nice hats and he barred me from wearing them (still feel bad for losing them). Led to me waking up 20 minutes before class because now I needed to take a shower. After the shower-period started, I then hated being hungry going into class. I then started waking up 30 minutes before class in order to get breakfast. But quickly I found 30 minutes was not enough time—as everyday I rushing to class from breakfast—and so I started waking up 45 minutes before my 8 a.m. Before bed, I realized if I organized and prepped for the morning, it would give me more time at breakfast. It takes about a month to develop a habit. I could not have just started waking up 30-45 minutes before class—feeling tons better—without incremental progress. Try and align your interests with developing healthy habits.

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