My dog dug this hole in my backyard 5-6ft deep

When I was a little kid I was at a friend's house visiting. My friend and his brother had been digging a hole for about three days. It was basically a trench 5-7ft deep running for about 15ft. We were all playing in the hole when his dad came out and called us in for lunch. My buddy and I got out of the hole and we're walking to the house when we heard a thump behind us. The hole caved in on my friends little brother. All of us dug like madmen but there was nothing to be done. I'll never forget Ryan's limp little body. His dirt encrusted face. Everyone screaming and crying. Some at the adults screaming at us. It was crazy bad.

For years I carried guilt thinking I might have set off the cave-in by not being careful enough when I climbed out for lunch. A child's silent guilt and shame can be a terrible burden. Later I worked a construction job and learned about shoring and how quickly you can die when trapped by so much earth. And how fucking stupid his parents were to let us play in that deathtrap.

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