My dog has suddenly started attacking other dogs at the dog park

That's the thing, is that the people who have suggested that my dog should never go to a dog park ever again based on a sudden out of character behavior aren't offering any actual training advice. I don't believe it's as cut and dry as people are making it out to be. Using their logic, any dog that gets in 1 scuffle at the dog park should never go ever again, and there is no hope for improvement. I'm asking for training advice on how to manage the behavior, not implications that i'm an irresponsible dog owner for trying to figure out why my dog is suddenly acting out of character, and how to change my behavior to help her succeed in returning to her happy self. I certainly agree that she is outgrowing the mayhem of the dog park, but that doesn't explain a sudden 180 in behavior. She hasn't been building up to this over time, it was 100% fine until suddenly it wasn't. I would like actual advice on how to figure out what's going on.

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