My Escape from the Inceldom

  1. I began watching leftist content out of curiosity. I watched Hbomberguy, Contrapoints, and Philosophy Tube. The biggest influence was Shaun. Shaun's "The True Alt-Right" was what forever changed me. That video made me realize that people within the alt-right and manosphere are nothing but cowards whose ideas should not be tolerated.
  2. Yes, I heavily agree that the manosphere is a gateway to the alt-right. I even consider anti-feminism to a gateway as well because once they have the feminist caricature in their mind. They will then dismiss any form of equality from women as "feminist propaganda". The manosphere can have a conservative-leaning. However, the fact that there is podcast related to TRP with holocaust denial and making excuses for Elliot Rodger and Brenton Tarrant are something we should not ignore. I don't remember the name of it but I don't want to go searching for it in fear that I will radicalize myself again.
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