my ex actually just pulled the pity card

Yup. And the worst part is I'll keep getting assholes like the above telling me that I'm lying for attention, for the rest of my life. Every single time I bring it up, some troll has to fucking stroll in and make it about themselves. Every. Fucking. Time.

/u/JuiceGasLean is a fucking incel from the looks of his post history, so he probably gets off on telling women that they're trying to get attention for talking about their real life experiences. He and all the other people who've done what he just did are just like the man who did this shit to me.

But I guess I win, because at least I'm in a healthy relationship with a person I'm attracted to, instead of simply hiding in the bushes jerking off to them from afar, wondering why they won't suck my dick for opening the door for them.

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