My ex chose someone younger, outgoing and extrovert over me and now I'm really down mentally thinking I'll always be a miserable loner.

If you guys agreed upon giving your relationship another shot, he still eloped with some chick who right-swiped on him rather than waiting a month for you. Then your past on/off relationship didn't mean shit to him.

She is 4 years younger than you, which means she is full of vim. Zippy age and congenial lifestyle are conducive to the formation of lots of social bonds (I would recommend reading Sapiens if you haven't already).

8-9 maheene baad jo call aaya hai, tumhe badhai dene ke bahane, umeed hai tum us call se pighle nahi hogi. Sakth raho, kaam se kaam is ladke ke liye.

One thing led to another nahi hua it was all premeditated call, bitching and show off, ek teer se doo nishane.

ANYWAY, none of this matters to you. After all, you're over him. I GUESS, NOT!!!!!!!!. /s

So if you've made it this far, all the sarcasm and bullshit aside, let me tell you. YES, there are people who love visits to museums, hiking, walking, watching movies and having lunch. Can't confirm if they like it exactly the way you like it, but there are people. I have a friend who spends his weekends alone watching anime, drunk as fuck. Another friend enjoys playing guitar and FIFA and sometimes cooks dinner for himself.

There are 140,00,00,000 people in this country and 800,00,00,000 on earth, you are not alone.

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