My Ex lost her virginity a month after breaking up. I’m honestly hurt

Never speak to her again, let her devolve with her new porn star boyfriend. On the flip side you’re a fucking idiot. You offered to travel and CANCELLED because of an argument, multiple times. Ever thought of just continuing regardless of the non relationship ending argument? Massive stupidity on your part. However the fact remains you were a good boy for a year and she went and fucked someone after a month.

So forget her and let her continue down the path with her new pornstar boyfriend. You might actually have to live with her being a porn star years later. It is not your problem to solve anymore.

If you want you can just use all of what you’ve built up just to fuck and chuck her, and basically flip this whole thing on her head, but it depends on what you want. Whether you wanted to lose it to someone you love etc.

Tbh I say see if you can manipulate her into flying out to YOU and fucking her. Then from there ghosting her.

You wasted an entire year of emotions on this bitch man, no mercy.

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