My [F21] husband [M21] wants me to give up my dream of a PhD to be a SAHM. He also wants to get rid of my dog. Should we divorce?

The only constant in life is change.. you're young, who you are now it's not who you will be in ten years. You may have said you'd be a sahm, but plans in life will change. Your partner needs to accommodate who you are as a person and what your desires are and help you live a fulfilling life.

I'm gonna be blunt - your husband is a shitty husband and a shitty human - he wants to kill your dog? Or threaten you with divorce over that?. He doesn't appreciate you.. you know this already, but you're coming here to get corroboration of that. We all agree. He's manipulative, petty, immature, irresponsible, cruel and he's probably a shitty lay too, am I right? Because he's not attentive to you, it's always about what he wants.

He's a young newlywed and he's already a video game playing lazy fuck who constantly puts himself above you and hasn't really done much to contribute to your partnership. All you've done is make sacrifices and contribute to your marriage and he will never see or give you credit for that because he's a narcissist.

Passion and looks fade. What you really need in a partner is someone who has your back, who's always there for you, who's gonna do everything they can to support you and encourage you and build you up. This dude just wants to bring you down. Do not have children with this guy. You're young, you seem great, get out before you did your hole any deeper.

You seem swell, and I hope things turn out well for you

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