My (F25) boyfriend's (M24) brother died. What do I do?

My brother was murdered 3 years ago ( on father's day+ also is my father's birthday) at 2:20 am,, he had just bought his first Bentley 2 week prior to this# few guys were hanging out with his girlfriend ( my brother was trying to remove her and belongings from his property)- the only time anyone ever damaged or stole anything is when she moved into the house - random guys coming over- breaking in ,, jewelry disappearing) # Safe was damaged- missing firearms and amo.. Shot in his truck parked in a parking lot --over 20 times - removed from his truck - put in the bed of a different truck, transporting him 15 miles to a wooded bayou area where he was dumped.. found 3 days later by search teams.
What's even more heartbreaking is my entire family was watching the news and they recognized his vehicle,, calling my father and myself.

It was something I hope not even my worst enemy has to experience... 8 months after my brother died.. My father called me crying,, I( only have heard this once before when my dad called to tell me we are going to find him and bring him home.) I started to feel sick knowing that it's gonna be bad... My Mother was found in a hotel room overdosed.. that he's going to tell my little sister who's 10 years younger ( extremely sensitive -Fragile) That she went into shock getting into jacuzzi & the water was too high of temperature.. . ( I wasn't ok with that lie)--- Ne-way 4 months pass by --- I get a call from my Aunt ( Dad"s sister) -- My grandfather Died 3 weeks ago -- his 25 year younger girlfriend didn't feel the need to inform his 8 children and the grandchildren- he bought 10 plots together for himself his exwife my grandmother ( he always took care of her even after the divorce)& the 8 children+++ #she had him cremated and is keeping his ashes hostage until she feels like some compensation has been given to her.... We have Hired lawyers, called the cops,... Made a wrongful death report,,. .the stress became unmanageable.
. I have diagnosed Anxiety )/OCD - involuntary movements ( ticks) // Manic Depression with rapid cycling)) PTSD))// BIPOLAR..### stress induced seizures-----. .I'm medicated on high dosed antipsychotics mood stabilizers antidepressants, anxiety medication.... I'm going to therapy. . I had signs of bipolar was no one ever noticed..not even myself.. but the mental, emotional break made everything come out with Extremes ... I can't get off of the medication... Its now a permanent fixture in my life

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