My family don't read my books.

I feel like a lot of us become writers because of unsupportive family situations. My family never supported my writing or hobbies, only my sister's interests since they were aligned. That's fine, it's their choice. What always bugged me is that even after having a copywriting business for over a decade, they still scoff about how they don't understand what I do or chock it up to 'some Internet thing.'

It's hard work. You build the foundation in your writing, have to bring it all together, and have content not only make sense, but it has to be articulate, informative, and easy to read. All the while, you're constantly researching. It's serious work, and I do it daily.

I've started writing my own novel in my 30s because in my mind, now is the time. Again, it's serious work and takes grit that I doubt anyone in my family possesses. You may be the same way OP. When I bring it up, no one really cares.

My point OP - and anyone in a similar situation - is who gives a shit? Family is just that: family. You don't need their approval, it will not help, and it's nothing more than static. You've arrived OP, and you have plenty of fans I'm sure. The fact that none of them are your family members should have no bearing on your success.

It only exposes them for the self-absorbed people they are, so count that as proof that you are doing the right thing by moving. I did the same years ago, and besides marrying my wife and starting a family of my own, it's the best decision I ever made.

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