I think my family is trying to frame me for something to get their kids out of hot water.

My neighbors are being incredibly creepy too, when I'm using Bluetooth whenever I make or receive a phone call from my house, the call drops. Since turning off my Bluetooth they have politely offered me expensive Bluetooth devices. Which seems nice except they offered it right after I stopped using mine. My smart TV has been turning on while I'm in the shower, it's happened twice now when I don't use Bluetooth headphones.

It's like they believe they are correct and have decided that I'm dangerous and want to help my family frame me. They have invaded my privacy and it's been going on for so so long. Ever since I moved in with my mom here they have been making it obvious they don't trust me and hate me.

Except I've had almost no contact with them at all and I've been super polite in every way. Once I didn't come to the door to meet them because I was busy with a deadline and I think they took that as hostility? They all seem incredibly sensitive. Which is weird because people usually don't give a hoot one way or the other but they all do. They seem to go hot and cold and I can only imagine my family is behind it.

If this is somehow connected to my home life then I could understand, my mom basically gave the company to me and my ex and he was doing things that he shouldn't have been and when I asked her for help she couldn't be bothered. No matter what I did, how much I screamed that things were going wrong and I needed help, she told me to trust him. And he wasn't sharing any information or asking her about important decisions regarding the company. I finally got him to agree to a CPA but that's all I could change.

I went to a mediator with him and talked to my own therapist so that we could fix things but it didn't work. I broke up with him because of moms business. But I still need him because now, the clients are somehow being dragged into this when I show up. They hide their face from me and things get stolen when I'm left alone in an area by myself.

They've already started to frame me for other things, like I used to go to the beach to get my walks in and because I used Bluetooth they knew where I was and where I'd be and lit a fire there. I waited until the fire dept came and only after I'd left to my car did a fire fighter run after me to ask me if I saw how the fire had been lit. I told them but they looked at me like I was not to be trusted. I think the same person I saw lighting the fire took pictures of me trying to put it out and tried to frame me for it then.

My family is trying to frame me.

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