Is my father (39M) just strict or borderline abusive to me (16M)

As a dad myself this really pisses me off. If you're telling the truth this is borderline abuse. Obviously discipline is subjective to an extent. But damn!! So obviously, where you come from culturally plays into this. If you're not comfortable sharing it's ok. But have you tried finding out what makes your dad happy? What are his interests? Most kids don't even think of that til they are grown and their parents can't be all that active in their lives. (I am not excusing your dad's behavior at all!!) Just hear me out. If your dad has something wrong with him and you can't get out of the situation, possibly, you can make life better for yourself by getting to know your dad better? See if you could do things with him, that obviously don't make him mad. Because one thing I've learned in life is never know what people are going through. I am sorry you're going through this, and do hope things get better for you. I'm here if you need any advice.

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