My father. His child bride.

I’d just like to leave this here: for those of you looking up the OP’s posts and calling them delusional, please consider the prolonged and numerous traumatic events she experienced throughout her life. It’s common for survivors to display/experience what she does, whether it’s from adverse neurological effects/withdrawal symptoms from addictive drugs, PTSD, dissociative amnesia, psychosis, and more. The brain does a whole bunch of interesting things to deal with/as a response to trauma. So please don’t invalidate OP’s experience. You don’t have to agree with idea of abductions or twinflames being real. Just consider the gravity of the trauma OP experienced, and how that has impacted them. We don’t know if their experience is real or not (not that it matters), but also do consider how damaging it is to have internet strangers discrediting/invalidating someone’s experience. Thanks.

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