My favorite Simmons article, “The Consequences of Caring”

Totally agreed, there are some other grantland pieces I'll check out once in a while but this one is so precise in how he gets to the obsessiveness and irrationality of fandom but why it matters to people. I'm a Boston fan and I remember everything about that C's game with where I was who was there how it felt - it was probably the most devastating loss outside of a championship game. It was clear the run was over and everyone could feel it slip away. It takes seriously great writing to be able to relate a game that I assume killed BS to his daughter's experience with the Kings and him flying across country and tie it all together into how fandom works barely even scratching the details of the loss that I'm sure triggered this article. I know he's got a lot on his plate but I really hope when he has something this good built up he can write it down - this is as good as sports writing gets

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