My fiancé asks me: "When did you get the new fancy can opener?"

Cool story about the owner of the company. He was very active on SnipersHide. And because it was livelyhood he would defend his product. He made several posts about knockoff Atlas's and how to spot them with pictures etc. Well, 3 or 4 years ago, he was getting some shit for the cost of his bipods on SnipersHide and his response was if you made a certain amount of money, it was like $225 per week or something, then you could afford his bipod. The owner was trying to say they weren't out of reach and this poster should get off his ass about how much he charges for bipods. Well I respond and so do hundreds of others that yes, I do in fact make more than $225/week. I had recently bought one for my AR308 build, I liked it, sure I'll support this guy. Oh and he also wanted in a PM our shirt size and address so he could mail it to each responder. I put it out of my mind. Just some forum post by a manufacturer defending his pricing to a pissed off consumer and hey, maybe I get a free tshirt and maybe I don't. Who cares right?

Months go by.... I have completely forgotten about all of this.

Christmas arrives and I go to my mail box and see a package I was not expecting. Hmm.... weird... the company isn't called Atlas it's called AccuShot. So I see some package from AccuShot. I'm a paranoid man so I google what the fuck that company is and low and behold, it must be my tshirt. Hey Cool! He delievered! Package is still unopened. But weird, this package is super heavy for a tshirt. Hmm... what the fuck is in this package. Tear into it. I see a tshirt. OK? Weird... wrapped up in the tshirt? A free mother fucking atlas bipod! He gave a free bipod to every single person in that thread who responded and replied with a PM. I was fucking FLOORED! I was seriously just dumbstruck, dumbfounded, speechless, tongue-tied, inarticulate, mute, dumb, voiceless, silent. You name it, I was that lol! Such a ridiculous thing to receive in the mail for free.

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