My first Arma 3 experience summed up pretty well. (Yes I did the training)

And what if they are not avaible ? Like Titanfall for example ?

Who cares about potatobox games? What is this, /r/xboxone?

IT IS A FUCKING SHOOTER. If you are uncapable of clicking your LMB you should find medical help.

You're a moron if you think all shooters have so little depth that all you need to know is clicking LMB.

Fuck you.

Fuck you too.

I am gonna play as a new player.

Congratulations, you're a jerk who enjoys wasting other people's time.

What about MMOs

MMOs have beginner areas for beginners. If you join high ranked PvP with a shitty character people will hate you too anyway.

And I never kicked a noob out of the guild for being a NEW PLAYER.

This has nothing to do with everything we're talking about. There's nothing wrong with being new at a game. There's everything wrong about joining level 100 pvp matches with a level 4 character and not having a clue what all these icons on the screen mean.

And you understand that this is what COMPETETIVE means ? Like in MOBAs. You suck from the begining and after months of hard work and hundreds of games you finally get better.

We're not just talking about sucking. There's nothing wrong with not being as good as the people you play against.

We're talking about OP joining a competitive multiplayer game, without knowing how to communicate, teamkilling because he has no idea how to tell enemies and friendlies apart, not knowing how to control vehicles, and not having a fucking clue what he's supposed to do. All things he could have learned if he had at least completed a few campaigns.

And if you straight up jump to ranked games in a MOBA without practicing against bots or in non-ranked games, fuck you.

So stop being an entitled jerk and let everybody play.

Stop being an entitled jerk and learn the basics of a game so you don't waste everyone's time by joining multiplayer games when you have no fucking clue what the game is about.

I'm not asking everyone to be a fucking MLG pro before joining a server, I'm just asking you to at least know how to get around and have a basic idea of how things work and how the game flows.

If you join a competitive multiplayer game, hop in the driver seat of a chopper, and the first thing you do is hit esc and pull the control options to figure out which button is fly up, you're a moron.

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