My first overdose.

wow glad you're alright. like others have pointed out, its not uncommon for people to freak out in these kind of situations, its nice to see you're buddy kept his shit together and did the right thing instead of worrying about his own ass.

Edit: there is a confusion because of how I worded this post, I am not an addict this was my first time having any form of opiates in a good month

as someone who has gone through a somewhat similar experience (i.e. wasnt an addict, but did occasionally indulge in opiates and ended up ODing which led to a stint in rehab to avoid legal repercussions), i found the more I tried to tell people I wasnt an addict the more they were convinced I had a real problem. one of the other guys i was in there with was in the same boat and we used to laugh that it was far easier to simply lie and tell people what they wanted to hear rather than trying to explain that what happened was not part of a larger pattern that dominated my life (still scary as shit and not to be taken lightly). that quote sent me back a few years to that experience and gave me a good laugh.

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