My first staple, in Israel!

1) Jews inhabited this land for thousands of years. 2) There was no Palestinian identity before the rise of Zionism. 3) This land was called “Palestine” by the Romans who conquered it from the Jews to destroy their connection to their land. 4) Palestine comes from a Hebrew word, ״פלשתים״ (comes form the word invader in Hebrew). The Philistines were an ancient group of invaders of greek origin who invaded Canaan. 5) Those “Palestinians” you’re talking about are just Arabs who moved to the so called land “Palestine” in the times when Jews were exiled from their land. So yeah, I believe Jews should take whats theirs. And no, there will not be peace even if the they established a country in the West bank and in Gaza. You know when there will be “peace”? When all Jews are exiled again or slaughtered. I think “Palestinians” should go back to their homeland, aka the arab peninsula and leave Jews alone.

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