My friend [16] is very mysterious... there's a possibility she isn't who she says... lot's and lots of questionable things... should I [16] keep being her friend??

I am a fool for getting staying in this friendship despite all of the red flags and signs of emotional abuse.

I'm still in the friendship because I care about her. She even though there's a chance they aren't being honest with who they are has been there for me through so much. They were my only friend.

And not to mention, I'd feel guilty to leave the friendship as I wouldn't want them to feel bad. They've broken up with me over little stuff in the past but I stay with them despite the giant fed flags.

I'm essentially a time waste or just another number to her. She doesn't include me in her biography because I'm not a good enough friend. She rarely have initiates conversation first.

I wrote her numerous letters and she'd say "I can't read them" or not even leave a response. She acts like she is so busy but her life consists of a pseudo-job moderating a chat room she takes way too seriously, watching anime, chatting and video games.

I suppose I would be easily forgotten as she just has so many friends.

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