My friend [30/M] and I [30/F] have an unusual handjob arrangement. I want to change it.

Very interesting about Nevada! I’m 80% leaning toward chickening out of enforcing anything with this person though it’s interested me in considering it more for the future with others if I become comfortable with that and maybe move somewhere so I’m not risking an arrest. I had more before it inspired weird PMs about the specifics that involved domination work because of my odd detachment toward sex. Being apathetic about sex maybe helps in that field.

I would think a long term contact would be appropriate for this sort of arrangement (seemed safer too) but since the relationship changed now that we “grew up” and ended up working in the same field it seems like it’ll carry more risks than the financial benefits could provide.

Thanks for the thoughtful advice and info on Nevada! I’m going to look up more resources on where the gray area is for my state in case I get the huevos to branch out.

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