My friend and I attempted to sneak into a movie theater while dressed as one person

Yep, see that everyday.

You can also tell your friends to wait outside the fire exit and sneak them in once you're inside, though that one never works because an alarm goes off and we have to kick you out.

Get turned away from a 12A, you go and find an adult to sneak you in and we watch you shaking in your boots as someone else serves you and laugh about it in the staff room.

We've also had this one, a parent walks out the screen and finds his daughter or son "coincidentally" and they say, "come and say hello to your mother", the mother is in the screen, and the ticket guy would say, "yeah alright". We know you're in, we just don't care.

Get turned away from being served, because you look too young for a movie? Go to a different ticket guy and get them fired if you get through, because you've already been turned away.

You can also go to the ticket machine and get your ticket and now it's 50/50.

Dressing up smart, not shaving and wearing a university jumper or something to try and get into an 18 when you're not, trying desperately to look older. 90% of the time we see straight through that, and it's 50/50 as to whether or not we will call you out and that all depends on whether we think you could fool a manager with it. If we think it's too obvious, then sorry.

We also get people coming in with an obviously rehearsed lines and we love watching you sweat as you pray for it to work. Giving us fake birthdays and star signs, and when we still ask for ID an you try and get us to talk to your parents on the phone, heh.

Easiest way around the ID issue and you are of age, is to take a picture of your passport on your phone, or text/phone family or friend or roommate to take a picture of your passport and send it to you if you're already in the cinema. ID is ID and I don't know about other cinemas, but at least our one accepts that

We've also had people buy a ticket for 2 and the other person waits somewhere else, we sell it to you and then we watch you go to the other person, and when we see them look underage, it's also 50/50 as to whether or not we will do something.

We've also seen an obviously younger person come in with friends and try to use the group to convince us your age, we know what you're doing, most of the time we call you out and have you all shout and yell at us and say "but we are adults", makes no difference. Sorry.

When we catch you sneaking in the hallway, people generally say, "I was finding the toilets / looking for my parents / I can't find my screen, I've lost my ticket", at this point we most likely don't give a shit unless you're a dick about it.

If you come to us and ask, "what screen is this movie in?" To sneak into it. We know what you're up to and 90% of the time we will give you the screen number for a Barbie movie or something equally embarrassing to watch. And when we feel really mischievous, we keep an eye out and make sure you stay in there, because you have no ticket to prove otherwise. This one is hilarious for us!

There's also the old, "yep I wanna see this film that I'm obviously too young for" and then dropping in, "my parents are watching so and so, what screen is that?", we know you're going to switch and depending on whether or not you're a dick to us, you could end up switching to Barbie or something equally embarrassing.

Just don't be a dick when you're obviously trying to break the rules, Jesus.

There's also the nicely done "rushing in", making you look like you are quickly trying to get back to your movie. It doesn't always work.

If you sneak in whilst someone is taking someone else's tickets, trust me when I say that guy and the others already know what you did and most likely let's you do it or tell the manager. Don't be surprised if the manager comes into the screen and kicks you out.

We find it funny that people try and brag that we sold them a student ticket, even though we saw their student ID was expired and then they brag about it to us after! HAHAHA. That ones usually met with, "yeah so?" Or "ok, I'll let my manager know" dipshit.

Just keep in mind that if you do an amazing job at fooling the ticket person and you get through, but a manager or someone else in the screen calls you out. You just got someone fired. Well done!

So yeah, bear in mind that whilst sneaking in is fun, fooling a ticket person may cause them to lose their jobs. So, if we are totally adamant you will not see the movie, that's not because we are being dicks, well 70% of the time, it's because you came at one of the rare moments where the manager is down with us or we are under surveillance.

Anyway, point is, we really aren't as dumb as you think and we do talk about the best sneaking in methods in the staff room when we see it, or we just laugh about you later.

This also applies to when you're a really nice person, we will remember, and when you're a total jackass, we'll laugh at you later, including the managers when we tell them.

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