My friend committed suicide

You know, I suffered suicidal depression since the age of 8. When I was 8 years old, I use to hide every tiny object, at the back of my desk drawer, so I couldn't see it, because I would be tempted to swallow it.

My current psychologist who has a medical degree (Phd) and has been treating me for 12 years, has stated that he would testify in a court of law that I need my pet.

I posted on r/advice for help with what to do, because many taxi-like services (Lyft and Uber) will act prejudice and discriminate on the basis of what they consider a more serious disability.

So what happens after posting on r/Advice, someone downvotes a person who suffers suicidal depression his entire life and is asking for help on finding out how to get a ride in the case of an emergency for the only support / comfort he relies on for keeping himself safe and not suicidal.

So yeah that says a lot.

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