My friend group has cut me off after a near suicide attempt—what to do?

Most antidepressants take a while to really kick in; Escitalopram in particular can take up to a month. You need to give both yourself and your friends a little more time to see how sustainable this change actually is. The boost from hitting bottom and getting serious about turning things around is really powerful and can propel some wonderful change but making a lot of promises and counting on maintaining that boost indefinitely can backfire. How will you feel if you do convince your friends to give you one last chance, and then in two weeks your serotonin has evened out and you have another bout of erratic behavior or another suicidal low? You will have wasted everyone's time and burned bridges for good.

One of the more frustrating things about intense depression is how slow everything is, especially when you feel like there's a clock ticking on your ability to save your friendships. "Give it time" sucks to hear when you're desperate but it's also the only real answer. Give your meds time to work, give your new honest approach to therapy time to bear fruit, give your friends time and distance to determine if they're willing to take a risk on you again. I'm rooting for you.

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