My friend is missing. Dota2 was an extremely big part of his life in the past 5 years and we think somebody from his former team might have a clue as to where he is. Here's his old team, can you identify the players and maybe provide contact info for them?

First, judging by the time you post this, you say about ~40 hours, which of course police cant do shit because it not 48 hours they cant open a file and make a proper search.

Second, why this specific 4 old teamate which they haven't met after the disband. You even say his dota/steam were not touch 211 days ago, how would u expect people from other side have better clue where he is? Wait till after 48 hours, file an official missing report with police, they will do their job. MEANWHILE, search his room for clue starting from inside, not outside like Reddit and old teammate from last year. If he just went away want to be quiet for sometime, or hiding from someone hunting him, you are not doing him any good, he is grown man, you are just a friend, if he wants a break, leave that man alone, stop pretending like a good friend and keep bothering him. It give you no rights to start a missing person thread on Dota2 reddit for someone missing less than 48 hours. To be honest, this is starting to look like a witch hunt or something fishy is going on.

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